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Special Edition The Kraken's Mate by Susan Trombley

Special Edition The Kraken's Mate by Susan Trombley

Renegade Romance exclusive edition of The Kraken's Mate by Susan Trombley, featured in Renegade's 2023-2024 December/January box.

Some spare and scratch and dent copies may have cosmetic imperfections that could include, but aren't limited to, bent corners, scuffs, minor peeling of gloss coating and slight spine damage. 

All copies include a coordinating unattached bookplate, signed by the author.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL—no returns or exchanges on spares and scratch & dent orders.

The Kraken's Mate, Iriduan Test Subjects Book 2
I escaped an alien research facility, but my troubles are far from over.

The Iriduans who experimented on me did something to me that changed me. I’m sure of it. Why else would I feel so strongly drawn to the monstrous Nemon, the alien test subject who helped all of us captives escape from the clutches of the Iriduans?

It’s true that Nemon’s face and upper body are so handsome that he could be mistaken for a Greek god, but below his waist, tentacles writhe constantly, and they’re always twisting in my direction like he can barely resist wrapping them around me.

Yet, I feel safer with Nemon than I’ve ever felt in my life, and I can’t help thinking about how it would feel to surrender to his truly alien embrace.

What did the Iriduans do to me? More importantly, what kind of monster lurks behind the sweet and deceptively innocent mask of the male I want to make my own?

Content warning for all the books in the series can be found on the author’s website.

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